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28 Nov

5 Ways To Manage Travel Expenses On Your Next Business Trip

5 Ways To Manage Travel Expenses

The Thought Of Travel Expenses And “Maybe Next Time” Syndrome

You’re on Twitter one morning and you notice one of your heroes has tweeted about an upcoming conference they’ll be attending and speaking at.

You see a bunch of people commenting in the thread about their excitement for the whole thing and how they can’t wait to be there as well.

5 Ways To Manage Travel Expenses Intro

You think, “Hmm… Interesting.” and click to learn more about the event.

You discover other big names will be attending and see a bunch of topics that really resonate with you and your current business situation.

You start thinking about what it would be like if you went and all the amazing things that would happen just by being there with everyone else.

All the cool things you’ll get to learn.

All the amazing insight you’ll gain.

Potentially meeting new business partners.

Maybe even getting new, better clients out of it.

Hell, maybe you’ll even walk past some of your heroes and get a chance to say a quick hello.

Wouldn’t that be nuts? All of it spells endless opportunities in transforming you forever as a person.

And all you would have to do is just show up.

So you take a look at the cost of getting a ticket and the rational part of your brain chimes in,

“Oof. That’s… a lot.”

You try to counter with,

“Yeah but boy it would really be worth it if I just got there somehow…”

But your brain pushes back,

“Sure. But what about the plane ticket, the hotel, taking Ubers, eating out… ”

As it lists it all off, you start thinking about the estimate numbers associated with each and the excitement wears off.

Defeated, you close up the event page.

“Maybe next time.”

Manage Your Travel Expenses And Get Out There!

Don’t Worry. You’re Not Alone. And Yes. There Is A Cure!

Over the years of helping our guests with their business travels, we’ve learned a lot about the reality of their situation.

Many of them come to Montreal to attend conferences and events in order to develop their business and expertise.

They tell us about the amazing opportunities that come from attending these engagements and how it’s played a crucial role in bringing their business to the next level.

However, this can be tricky given how expensive it is to travel for these occasions.

By sharing their experiences with us, we’ve come to learn more and more on how our guests save on travel expenses and decided to put together today’s post where we share some of their best ideas with you.

With that said, let’s look at 5 ways you can save on travel expenses for your next business trip!


1. Bring Company

Of course, the first and most obvious way to save on travel expenses is to not do it solo.

Whether it’s someone who you work with or a group of you, you can save big without necessarily losing out on privacy and comfort.

While not exactly achievable with hotels, short-term rentals on Airbnb and even our own units have options in the form of large spaces with lots of bedrooms at a pretty reasonable price.

Not to mention, many of our guests tell us that one of the best parts of booking as a group is just the overall vibe of being in it together.

They get to come back to their room with the joy of being able to share with everyone else their “aha” moments, wins and everything else that was awesome about their day!

So while it’s always nice to have your own space, there’s a lot of value in being able to save on spending and creating a more memorable experience by booking your stay as a group.


2. Make Sure You Get Good Internet

Considering the times, it shouldn’t be completely unreasonable to assume good internet wherever you stay.

Except it would be because it still happens somehow.

Not having a good connection in your room means you have to venture off out into the city and find a place that does.

And this pursuit often becomes a huge distraction that leads to more distractions that then leads to an increased likelihood of spending money.

Finding good internet tends to turn into getting coffee, and then into buying a snack, and then into getting lunch and then checking out that store you saw on the way there and so on.

When you’ve got a solid connection indoors, the odds of being swayed by impulse and distraction are much lower.

So make sure you got a good connection where your’e staying so you can keep yourself focused and away from distractions that’ll encourage casual, chronic spending.


3. Eat In When You’re Alone

For many, eating out is one of the biggest stresses of traveling.

This is especially true as more and more people are adopting balanced and healthy diets as part of their everyday life.

While this is pretty straight-forward when you’re home, it’s incredibly tricky when you’re traveling.

If you’re in a hotel, you’re probably not equipped with a proper kitchen space to work with in order to manage the situation.

Unfortunately, that leaves you susceptible to just going out and eating all the time and racking up your expenses.

Our business travel guests have brought up to us many times that one of the big reasons they book with us because of the access to a kitchen space.

What they’ll do is eat in when it’s just by themselves and to get some fuel for the day.

This lets them save money, stay fit and maintain better energy levels throughout the trip.

Granted, it’s not realistic to be able to completely avoid eating out, especially if you’re expecting to meet up with friends, family or colleagues.

But by taking on this approach, you end up saving a lot more money and dealing with a lot less guilt when you do finally go out on the occasions that call for it.


4. Leverage Slow Seasons + Loyalty Programs

When it comes vacations, you’ll want to aim for peak seasons. But if it’s for work, that’s not always important.

As such, you can save big on business traveling by doing a bit of homework upfront and seeing if your conference dates line up with a slow season.

For us here at HomeTrotting, slow seasons kick in around as of January, February and March.

So if there’s conferences in Montreal during those months, you’d be able to lock things in for a lot less with a bit of planning.

Our guests also mention using’s Genius loyalty program in order to get discounts on their bookings and also to accumulate reward points as they travel more and more.

5. Claim It As A Deductible

Yeah we know. This one’s a bit of a “duh” item. Most people know to do this.

But sometimes people forget or somehow just didn’t know they could.

So rather than make the assumption, we figured we’d include it just to cover our bases.

(Also, in case you haven’t noticed, we really like the number 5.)

But yes, if you’re traveling for business, you can claim those expenses as deductibles when you submit your taxes for the year.

Now we’re not saying you should just start buying everyone a rounds of shots or grabbing a new Macbook for the road back home.


… there’s nothing wrong with speaking with your accountant and seeing what works and what doesn’t. 😉

Get To See, Get Seen And Stop Missing Out!

The bottom line is that traveling is easier now than it has ever been and in human history.

With the advice we’ve provided today, you now have a few initial ideas on how you can make traveling happen without the dread of breaking the bank.

For the sake of giving you quick advice that you can work with right away, we kept today’s post short for you.

But if you’re looking for more in-depth ideas on how to travel more and for less, we strongly recommend you check things out with the masters of travel hacking over at The Points Guy Blog.

With all of that, we hope to see you drop by Montreal more often.

Catch you on the next post.

Until next time. 🙂

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