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5 Best Montreal Cafes For Business 2019 Edition
5 Jul

5 Best Montreal Cafes For Business In 2019

Visiting Montreal for work and want to know where you can get good coffee and get some work done? Of course you do.

We’ve put together a list of 5 best Montreal cafes for business (updated for 2019).

And we can all agree that Starbucks is often just there and we know what to expect.

We can also agree that it often feels like a shame to miss out on the potential in the unknown in exchange for the predictability of the known.

Certainly, you don’t risk losing anything. But you also don’t gain anything either. For that reason, this post is made in the hopes of solving the every day dilemma of expediency faced by those who are always in a hurry to meet others, get work done and make things happen.

Perhaps you’re making a stop in town briefly or you’re coming in for the first time to stay a little longer.

For the sake of simplifying this for you and avoiding choice paralysis, we’ve kept our list simple and down to just 5 of the best Montreal cafes for doing business, in particular order.

In our choices, it is important that the locations meet these 3 key criteria

  • They offer excellent coffee (kind of a no-brainer)
  • They are centrally located (Downtown and Old Montreal)
  • They make for work environments (seating and Wi-Fi)

With all that said, let’s talk coffee. 🙂

Tommy Cafe

1. Tommy Café | 200 Notre-Dame St. W. 

The Notre-Dame location is particularly fascinating in architecture given its location inside an old British Empire Building. We’re particularly grateful for having our offices right next to it. We’re not saying that’s why we opened our offices right next to it. But we wouldn’t totally refute the suspicion either. They’ve recently opened up a 2nd location on 151 Saint-Paul St. W. as well.

La Finca

2. La Finca | 1067 Rue de Bleury

A co-working space that has blown up in popularity since its debut. You can count on this location for its bright, contemporary space – making it excellent for getting work. There’s a lot of start ups that hold their meetings here. This is mainly because the location offers private meeting rooms that can be booked at ease.

3. The Crew Collective | 360 St. Jacques St.

The Crew Collective is a very distinct café in that it is set in the old Royal Bank of Canada building and has kept all of the tellers’ desk and old fixtures as part of its decor. Today, it’s been repurposed to accommodate freelancers by providing co-working spaces. You’ll definitely want to check this one out.

4. Café Parvis | 433 Mayor St.

A great coffee spot with amazing food that also offers workspace environments for whatever your needs be. Whether it’s a meeting room for 10 with a white board or a dedicated work desk with photocopy, printer and scanner, it’s got the flexibility for your productive needs.

5. MELK Bar à Café | 908 Saint-Urbain St.

A cute little coffee shop that started off in Monkland Village and now has recently opened a location in Old Montreal. We recommend this one just because it’s a bit bigger and has more seating spaces to work with. However, if you’re in Downtown Montreal, you can find them at 1206 Stanley St.

And that’s it for our 5 best Montreal cafes for business!

Of course, there’s tons of other coffee shops to check out in town, which we’ll be covering in future posts here on our Explore MTL Blog.

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