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8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Winter Festivals

Enjoy The Winter Fun On Short-Term Rentals In Montreal

If you’re coming down to Montreal for the winter, there’s tons of festivals happening throughout the year. In fact, the joke is that Montreal has two seasons – winter and festivals. There are tons of festivals, that we’re going to focus on just winter for this round. Here’s a few highlights.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Igloofest is a renowned the world over for being brave enough to put on an electronic dance spectacular outdoors in the depths of winter. Igloofest brings in top names in dance music from around the world as well as local talent. The festival takes place over several weekends towards at the end of January and early February. And so, The Old Port transforms into an icy dance party, with two stages, bars, and other treats. The crowd may isn’t like a usual nightclub crowd. Everyone will be wearing winter coats and boots, which makes the party spirit all the more appealing. And there’s nothing quite like dancing under the stars while the snow falls with everyone else.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


There’s the Wildside Theatre Festival in January – showcasing new dramatic talent, often featuring plays that were hits at the previous summer’s Fringe Festival. For lovers of winter sports, there’s the Barbegazi (Frozen Beard) festival at the Olympic Stadium and the Fête des neiges (Snow Festival) at Parc Jean Drapeau. You can try out all sorts of activities, like dog sledding, zip-lining, bungee jumping, and even archery. You can enjoy ice sculptures, music, dance, entertainment for all the family. And of course, there’s plenty of good things to eat and drink.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


With February, we see Black History Month, Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema, and the start of the the Festival de Nouveau Cinema, which continues until June. At the end of the winter comes Montreal en lumière, a light show extravaganza of cultural, culinary, and just plain fun events. The Festival Nuits d’Afrique is so popular it now holds events all year round. The festival ends with the spectacular Nuit Blanche, where museums and art galleries stay open all night, sports and leisure facilities offer activities, events, and free tryout sessions, and there are performances of music, art, theatre, dance, poetry, circus shows, and more, all across the city.
We hope you’ll enjoy the winter fun during your stay in Montreal!