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Furnished Apartments Montreal
8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: The Saint Lawrence River

See The Beautiful Saint Lawrence River When You Visit Montreal!

If you’re in travelling for an extended stay in Montreal, it’s a wonderful opportunity to check out the majestic Saint Lawrence River. One of the most leisurely ways to enjoy the river and the fine views out over the city is on a cruise. There’s a cruise for every taste operating out of the Old Port – from luxury dinner cruises to high octane jet boating adventures. Here’s a few options that are bound to leave an impression!
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Croisières AML offer a huge range of dinner and brunch cruises as well as sightseeing tours. The classic guided tour takes you up 20km of waterway, with audio guides in 6 languages. So, you can learn all about Montreal’s history and attractions while watching the shore drift by. In the evenings, there are dancing and DJs on the ship’s terraces.
Dinner cruises include options with circus performances and VIP packages. For firework lovers, there are cruises during the International Fireworks competition promising spectacular and exclusive views of the show.
A real Montreal speciality is the option that includes local delicacy, smoked meat, with the fireworks. There are also longer cruises all the way up to Quebec City, one with an option to stay overnight. You can even take a coach up to Rivière du loup for a whale watching cruise, further up the St Lawrence nearer the Atlantic estuary.
If you don’t have the time for a long cruise, you can still enjoy the water and the stunning city skyline from a shuttle. The shuttle service (https://www.croisieresaml.com/en/plan-your-cruise/montreal/maritime-shuttles/detail/) takes about 30 minutes and runs from the Old Port, to Parc Jean Drapeau, and to Longueuil on the South Shore. You can enjoy the shuttles as a mini-cruise or simply use them like a water bus service!
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Le Bateau Mouche offers fine food and an elegant floating terrace and glamorous panoramic deck. Emphasizing luxury, it includes fine dining options, as well as dinner and fireworks packages. Day cruises include 60 and 90 minute options, as well as occasional late-afternoon cruises – perfect for winding down after a busy day’s sightseeing! They offer occasional special events – such as a light-and-sound spectacular as part of the Digital Spring Arts Festival. There are also three chances to enjoy a cruise, dinner, and live jazz performance on board, as part of the International Jazz Festival.
Le Petit Navire offers Lachine Canal tours, as well as tours of the Old Port, and special Fireworks tours. With its electric and pollution free small boats (maximum 40 people), the tours are clean, quiet, and fun. Your captain is also your guide, making for a friendly atmosphere on board. Leaving from the Old Port every hour, the cruises last about 45 minutes. The Lachine Canal tour is a little longer, and 1 hour and 45 minutes. The boats are available for private hire, so could be a fun trip for a group or party event.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


For those who like a bit more speed and wind in their hair, Jetboating Montreal offer wet, wild, and wonderful tours. Get your waterproofs on and strap in for an exciting, exhilarating hour racing around the city. As if that isn’t breathtaking enough, there’s a spin boating tour that offers a wild roller-coaster ride on the water. Feel like you are in a James Bond movie as you spend a frantic 20-minute ride, twisting, turning, spinning, and splashing. Definitely the fastest attraction in the Old Port!
Montreal is also a departure point for a range of major sightseeing cruises around eastern Canada and the north-eastern USA. You can cruise out to the French territory of St Pierre and Miquelon, or even down to New York!
If you prefer to enjoy the river on land, there are plenty of footpaths and cycleways. The cycleway out towards the west of the city is particularly popular. You can take in many of Montreal’s industrial heritage buildings along the way, while enjoying views out over the Lachine Canal. The rushing torrents at the Lachine Rapids Park, along with the fine views back across the city, are a great reward for making the trip.
We hope you go on one these adventures during your visit to Montreal to see the beautiful seascape that is the Saint Lawrence River!

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