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8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Poutine

Make The Best Of Fall Season During Your Short-Term Rentals In Montreal

If you’re planning on booking a stay in Montreal, then you can’t miss out on the iconic and classic city dish. Montreal is “arguably” the poutine capital of the world, Most restaurants in Montreal and fast-food outlets offer at least one poutine option on the menu. Others dedicate the entire culinary spirit in mastering its varieties. So without a further a do, let’s dig into some essential things you should know about poutine!


Furnished Apartments Montreal


A richly comforting and filling dish, poutine is essentially French fried potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy. Perfect for re-fuelling after a long active day outside in the wintertime, or for a hungover brunch the day after a long night out. Once looked down on for being a dish of the people, poutine now appears on the menus of upscale restaurants and in gastropubs. Over the last decade, imaginative fusions and re-imaginings have been brought for, such as vegan poutine, steak poutine, even poutine with foie gras. However, many people say that the best poutine is served not in upscale restaurants, but at no-frills, greasy spoons.


Furnished Apartments Montreal


The most famous poutine restaurant in Montreal is La Banquise, on the Plateau near Parc LaFontaine. Open 24/7 La Banquise is very popular with students and the late-night after-party crowd. Be warned, there can be long lines to get in at busy times. With simple decor, it is a bustling and cheerful place to eat. It is best known for serving over 30 different types of poutine with lots of options to swap ingredients. It’s a great place to go with a group of people who all have different tastes. Varieties allow for someone to enjoy the poutine as a Vegan dish or in the form of the T-Rex – a meatlover’s dream come true. They also offer burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast items. But order either of those is certainly considered a wasted opportunity.
In the heart of Downtown, Dunn’s on Metcalfe, has eight different poutines including a General Tao poutine. It is also open 24/7.
There are four Poutinevilles in Montreal; the closest one to downtown is on Ontario St, in the Gay Village. They offer 13 varieties of their own poutine combinations. However, you can also create your own poutine, by selecting your options and filling in your own order card. We really like the Pogo option. Hippi Poutine, on Square St Louis is a friendly and charming little cafe that offers 17 varieties.
Chef Martin Picard of Au Pied du Cochon restaurant and sugar shack, is unafraid to experiment with poutine traditions, with his foie gras (duck fat) poutine proving hugely popular. You’ll need reservations in way advance to be able to get in, however.


Furnished Apartments Montreal


At the beginning of February is the annual Poutine Week, where restaurants try to outdo each other in designing a signature poutine dish. For the true poutine enthusiasts, Members of the band Les Trois Accords set up the annual Poutine Festival in Drummondville, to celebrate the origins of the dish. Taking place at the end of August each year, it transforms Drummondville into a huge poutine party.
You’re probably really hungry right about now. Fortunately, you’ve now got all the directions you need.
We hope this guide will have you enjoying delicious poutine dishes during your stay in Montreal!