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Furnished Apartments Montreal
8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal In October: Halloween

Experience Halloween Like No Other During Your Extended Stays In Montreal

One of the funnest times of the year is Halloween. And it’s likely that it’ll be even funner during your stay in Montreal. Come and see the dramatic architecture and the ever-present cross on the mountain. Take part of the experience with the seasonal mist and fog, as the city’s ghosts and apparitions manifest. Montrealers love to decorate their houses for Halloween – skeletons clambering out of front lawns, jack-o-lanterns, houses covered with “spiderwebs”. And the grocery stores sell an enticing array of brightly coloured pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. Therefore, we’ll be looking at some of the Halloween activities that you can check out while on your stay in Montreal.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Every year there is a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or its devoted fans, and people throw costume parties and go trick or treating. Nightclubs and bars host parties with prizes for the best costumes. You are sure to meet all sorts of creatures and characters roaming the streets after dark. Check out what’s happening here.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


If ghosts are more your style, Montreal Ghosts offer storytelling tours to spook you and for groups with an urge to play the hero, Ghost Hunts, where you can track down phantoms and hear about some of Montreal’s grisliest crimes. Haunted Montreal will take you from the reputedly haunted Barfly, on St Laurent, around some the Plateau’s eeriest places with their tales of odd occurrences and strange sightings.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


For something far less ghoulish and suitable for even the smallest members of the family, the Botanical Gardens is hosting The Great Pumpkin Ball, with a pumpkin decorating contest, and a little monsters playground to enjoy. After dark, the Gardens of Light  and their shimmering colours promise enchantment for the whole family. Finally, for roller-coasters and rides, the theme park at La Ronde, in Park Jean Drapeau has been transformed into a Fright Fest, with events for all the family during the day, and scarier events after dark.
We hope this guide has been helpful. Because as you can see, there’s definitely tons of ways to enjoy Halloween during your stay in Montreal!