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8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Film & Cinema

Sit And Enjoy Cinematic Experiences During Your Stay In Montreal!

If you’re coming down during for extended stays in Montreal, you’ll find there’s a lot to see – including films and cinema. Movie and cinema fans can find plenty to do in Montreal. There are festivals throughout the year, outdoor screenings in summer, and lots of film-related special events. There are lots of student-led film clubs and community groups that organize special screenings and events. Many are not widely advertised, so you have to look out for posters. There are also several large cineplexes around the centre of the city.

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One of the most centrally located cinemas is the Scotia Bank Cineplex. It has 13 screens and shows all the latest releases as well as offering a rich programme of special events. Events screenings include operas, concerts, sporting events, classic movies, and documentaries. There are also a wide range of international films, shown with subtitles. As part of the cineplex chain, it includes all the latest in movie technology. The cinema offers a range of different viewing experiences, including IMAX, Virtual Reality, UltraAVX, RealD-3D, D-BOX, and Sensory Friendly options.
There’s another cineplex in the Latin Quarter, near Berri-Uqam metro. This one has 17 screens and tends to have lots of French-language versions of films. Just to the west of the city centre is the Cineplex Forum, near Atwater metro. It has 22 screens and shares a building with a bowling alley, games centre, sports bar, and cafés, so you can enjoy a whole lot of different entertainment without having to step outside.
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For an independent cinema experience, there is the Cinema du Parc. Not far from Downtown, just a couple of blocs up Avenue du Parc, it is tucked away in the basement of a large apartment building and shopping centre. A favourite with students, it offers an impressive range of international and independent movies. It also has its own mini-festivals throughout the year, showcasing films in particular languages or on similar themes.
Arts centres like the SAT and the Phi Centre a selection of art-house, unusual, international, and independent films. They often have screenings as part of larger film festivals.
If you want to discover Quebecois cinema culture, the Cinémathèque Québécoise is the perfect place. It is a museum of moving images, specializing in Quebec and Canadian film as well as international animation. It offers screenings and educational events. Established 50 years ago, it now has a rich archive of films, videos, television programmes, new media works, posters, scripts, and other cinematic artefacts.
The Imperial Cinema, built in 1913, is a beautiful historic cinema. It is not a regular cinema, but a venue that is rented for festivals and other special events, such as the Cinemania Festival.
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Montreal boasts a huge range of film festivals throughout the year. The International Children’s Film Festival specializes in movies for the little ones. For art enthusiasts, there’s the International Festival of Films on Art, bringing art and artists on to the silver screen. One of the most exciting festivals is the Festival of New Cinema, where you can see the freshest productions. It may be the first chance to see the debut film of the great directors of the future!
The Fantasia Film Festival is one of the biggest and most popular of Montreal’s film festivals. It showcases the most exciting and imaginative films from around the world. The World Film Festival offers another chance to see the best international movies.
The Black Film Festival is the largest Black film festival in Canada. It includes a range of supplementary events such as talks and workshops. The Cinemania Festival is perfect for bilingual Montreal. It shows French films with English subtitles.
The International Documentary Film Festival shows the best non-fiction and documentary films of the year. It includes outdoor screenings and hard-to-find titles.
With such a wide choice of screenings, Montreal’s film community is one of the most vibrant in Canada. We hope you enjoy a flick or two during your stay in Montreal!

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