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Furnished Apartments Montreal
8 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Brunch Munch

Enjoy The Best In Delicious Brunch During Your Stay In Montreal!

Montrealers love to go for brunch. If you’re coming down, what could be a better way to start the weekend than a sociable Saturday brunch with friends? A good brunch is also a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. Here’s a bit of a guide on what to look out for on your next visit to Montreal!
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Olive and Gourmando on Rue St Paul in the heart of the Old Port is a charming café. Often very busy, it has a rustic homely feel and serves great food. Paninis, pastries, tarts, French toast, and a range of salads are usually on the menu.
Muru Crêpe gives brunch menus an eastern twist. A light and elegant décor and delicious food at great prices, it has a relaxed vibe.
Brasserie 701 offers classic brunch choices, elegantly presented. Gourmet crepes, its signature poutine, tarts, bagels, eggs benedict, and more are on the menu. There are also plenty of elegant cocktails as well as classic mimosas to choose from.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


For lovers of fine meats, the Hambar, in the St Paul Hotel on Rue McGill is classy and sophisticated. Specializing in hams from all over the world, it offers an impressive range of fresh food. The dedicated brunch menu includes varieties of French toast, smoked salmon, omelettes, tacos, bagels, and more. For a boozy brunch, you can enjoy mimosas, Pimms, or punch. There are also non-alcoholic juices and smoothies to try.
Almost next door is Restaurant Holder is a fine French-style brasserie. It offers an airy and open setting, with big windows looking out on Rue McGill. This makes it is a lovely place to enjoy a fine brunch while doing some people watching.
Another sophisticated eatery is Bistro Verses at Hotel Nelligan. Eclectic and imaginative, it features local produce and new twists on traditional Quebec dishes. With a great reputation built up over 15 years, the menu is creative and inspiring.
Vieux-Port Steakhouse is known for the quality of the beef it serves. In a beautiful, historic building, with fireplaces and stone walls, it has a classic ambiance. There is also a terrace for outdoor dining and a special Sunday brunch menu.
Environmentally conscious, Vivalia uses fresh and organic ingredients for healthy eating. The breakfast menu is available all day at weekends, and includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


For pastries and patisseries, Maison Christian Faure has three gorgeous parlours in central Montreal. Perfect if you have a taste for a sweet and fruity brunch and want chic snacking.
Universel offers an extensive breakfast menu, served all day. It’s conveniently located in the heart of Downtown, near Place des Arts. A modern lively restaurant, it also has outdoor seating to enjoy brunch outside on sunny days.
One of a cheery chain, there are several Eggspectations in Montreal. The one in the Complexe Desjardins is the most central. As the name suggests, it serves a huge range of egg-based dishes, as well as steaks, burgers, and pancakes.
Brunch is such a Montreal institution that you don’t have to go far to find somewhere great. This is just a selection of a few of the best places in the centre of the city for you to check out during your stay in Montreal. They are super popular, so it’s a good idea either to book in advance, or get there early!

Take a look and see what’s available today!