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Furnished Apartments Montreal
7 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Jewelry Shopping

Experience Contemporary Fine Jewelry On Your Extended Stays In Montreal!

If you’re visiting and hanging around in Montreal, you’ll find it’s a great area to get ahold of some jewelry. The city has always had an impressive place in the fashion realm, and this finds itself to be even more the case with jewelry. Here’s a few places you’ll want to visit if you’re’ interested in going back home with more style.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Ecksand create beautiful contemporary fine jewelry. Passionate about quality, they also support honest, ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. They guarantee that all their diamonds and precious gems come from conflict-free mines and use recycled gold to reduce their overall environmental impact. They have clients from all over the world who commission by phone because they don’t have the luxury of visiting the boutique in Montreal in person.
Philippe and his team travel extensively. They visit over 40 countries to source the best and most beautiful gems. They then hand-craft these into fine jewelry pieces that are utterly unique. They offer both a custom service and a ready-made collection you can choose from. Roland Dubuc creates enchanting and amazing utterly unique pieces inspired by origami. His unique creative technique gives rise to fascinating forms and captivating designs.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Gris-Gris produces bold organic and intricate jewelry in silver for both men and women. Montreal designer Barry Richards, who is inspired by nature as well as architecture, created Gris-Gris by taking the ancient concept of good-luck charms and bringing them into the 21st century.
Their collection of inimitable hand-made designs made with a variety of materials and stones is all made right here in Montreal. Fashion designer Ev Arad opened the Impact Galerie in 2010 after moving to Montreal from Israel. Ev features jewelry as well as pottery and other pieces made by artists from all over the world.
Collezioni di Vittorio specializes in fine jewelry in gold and platinum, and also offers a custom service. Their collection emphasizes unique and eccentrically designed pieces. Ex Aurum focus on bridal jewelry, with an impressive collection of engagement rings. St Onge has been established in Montreal for over 35 years, and produces stylish and memorable pieces.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Of course Montreal has a Tiffany’s store. One of the most famous jewelry brands in North America, you can find a Tiffany’s at Ogilvy’s. There’s another on Sherbrooke Street. Birks is a well known and respected brand in Montreal. If you can’t make up your mind, The Bay has lots of different brands and designers for you to choose from.
Finally, although museum gift shops are perhaps not the most obvious places to go jewelry shopping, the Museum of Fine Arts has a surprisingly good collection. Who wouldn’t want to be able to say their jewelry was featured in an art gallery?
We hope that you become check out the sophisticated work of some of these jewelry during your stay in Montreal. Don’t spend it all in one place though!
Take a look and see what’s available today!