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7 Feb

Furnished Apartments Montreal Blog: Food Markets

Check Out The Food Markets During Your Extended Stays In Montreal!

If you’re visiting and hanging around for an extended stay in Montreal, you’ll be sure to want to check out the extensive food market scene in the city. This is especially helpful if you’re here for a while and wish to avoid eating out for fear of gaining weight. Well no need to worry. Here’s a bunch of places where you can pick up some delicious and healthy goods.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Montreal is a foodie city. From haute cuisine in fine restaurants to imaginative hipster fusions to great street food, you can certainly dine out in the city. Montrealers are great home cooks too, and there are several excellent and popular food markets. These are lively and varied and sell a huge range of fresh local produce and farm products. They are especially good if you are on an extended stay and want to make the most of your kitchen. The four main markets are a little way from Downtown, but well worth a visit.
Atwater market is not far from Lionel Groulx metro station, near the Lachine canal. Housed in an impressive Art Deco building dating from 1933, the tower of Atwater market is a useful landmark. Open all year round, it is especially know for its butcher shops and cheesemongers. There are market gardeners and local farm stalls, maple producers, bakers, and chocolatiers. Wander around enjoying the scents of fresh flowers and herbs. There are cafes and restaurants from all over the world – from places as far as Vietnam and Reunion Island. You can also sit at a picnic table overlooking the canal. Many merchants offer tastes and samples and the market hosts lots of events. These include culinary demonstrations, tasting sessions, and workshops.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Jean-Talon Market is the biggest and best known of the four main food markets. It is one of the largest open air food markets in North America, and is located in Little Italy, near metro Jean Talon. First opened in 1933 as the Marche du nord, it was renamed in 1983. Open all year round, walls are put up during the winter so you can shop in comfort. From June to October, the alleyways are closed to traffic at the weekends to make it easier to wander around and shop. It is home to a huge rnage of stalls offering fresh and local produce. There are lots of restaurants and cafes, as well as street musicians and entertainers. Many people go just to stroll about and soak up the atmosphere.
Maisonneuve Market is in the east part of the city, near the Olympic Stadium (metro Pie IX). It is much smaller than Jean-Talon or Atwater markets, even though it is older, having opened at the turn of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it offers a huge range of local and exotic produce and products. It occupies a fine stone building overlooking a park with majestic fountain and statues. Market gardeners, bakers, cheesemongers, fishmongers, and florists will all be delighted to tell you about their products and help you find a real treat. There are often activities in the park – music, face painting for kids, seasonal stalls, and tasting samples.
Furnished Apartments Montreal


Lachine Market is the oldest of the four main food markets, having first opened in 1845. It is the furthest away from Downtown, located in the south-west district of the city. It is known for its fine cheeses, waffles, pumpkins, apples, and beautiful flowers. It is also a great place to buy Christmas trees in December.
There are also lots of smaller neighbourhood markets and florists around the city, including at Place Pasteur & Émilie Gamelin (metro Berri-Uqam); Phillips Square (metro McGill); Square St Louis (metro Sherbrooke), as well as at Square Victoria, Place Jacques Cartier, and metro Mont-Royal. There are lots of small markets and street food events all year round, so foodies can always find something new and tasty to try.
We hope you take the time to visit some of these food markets, especially if you’re trying to avoid eating out during your stay in Montreal. As you can see, there’s tons of options for helping out with that!